The Environmental Studies Program is fortunate to offer several endowed internships and research assistantships each year. These are wonderful opportunities to explore a field, investigate an interest area, expand your education beyond the classroom, or engage a professional opportunity. In past years, students have interned with environmental NGOs, private corporations, environmental think tanks, and federal, state, and local government agencies.

Some of the organizations that have recently welcomed our majors as interns includes the Sierra Club, Rocky Mountain Institute, Congressional Research Service, Stanford University Environmental Law Institute, Minnesota Land Trust, Friends of the Boundary Waters, Navajo Nation Department of Justice, Cascadia Research Initiative, and the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

As for research assistantships, students have worked with faculty at Carleton and several other colleges and universities across the country.


The internship or research assistantship must offer a clear environmental studies focus.

The internship or research assistantship must be unpaid, or you must reflect the compensation you expect to receive in your application and adjust your request below our maximum award accordingly, as detailed on the application form.

Research assistantships at Carleton or at other institutions cannot be used as a substitute for other available funding sources.


All applicants must complete the Environmental Studies Internships and Research Assistantships Application.

Internship applications require two letters of recommendation from faculty members using the Environmental Studies Internships and Research Assistantships Faculty Recommendation Form.

Research assistantship applications require one letter of recommendation from the faculty member who will be supervising your work.

Applicants can submit multiple applications to support different possible internships or research assistantships, and you may apply for funding prior to having been accepted for an internship or research assistantship. The program, however, will only fund one internship and that funding will be contingent on acceptance.

Applications are due by February 26, 2024. After that date, applications will be considered on a rolling basis, subject to available funds, through the end of spring term.


If you have any questions about ENTS internships or research assistantships, please contact Aaron Swoboda or Lisa Falconer.