Theme: America’s Energy Future

“The American Lawn: Examining our Cultural Commitment to an Energy-Intensive Institution” by Lara Brenner, Claire McFadden, and Hannah Joy Wirshing

“Extension in the 21st Century: Promoting Regenerative Agricultural Practices Using the Diffusion of Innovations Theory” by Megan Brant, Rose Chernoff, Lindsay Guthrie, and Courtney Halbach

“Can a Food Hub Connect the Dots: Helping MN Pursue a Path to a Stronger Local Food System” by Casey Silver, Kristen Dooley, and Sophie Daudon

“Building Retrofits On Campus: A Case Study of the Comprehensive Costs and Benefits of Improving Energy Efficiency at Carleton College” by Ellen Farnham, Jonathan Hillis, Tom Holmes, and Greg Phillips (Distinction)

“Fueling the Future: Impacts of Climate Change and Land Use on the Economic Viability of Second Generation Biofuels” by Dan Ackerman, Mallika Jayaraman, Phil Juda, and Alex Waltz

“Sold on Solar? Perceptions of Solar Panels in Grand Canyon National Park: An Analysis of the Implementation of Renewable Energy Technologies in National Parks” by Jasmine Cutter, Karlie Haug, Madeleine Koski, Emily Rogers

“Nuclear Power and Environmental Justice: A Mixed-Methods Study of Risk Vulnerability, and the Victim Experience” by Elicia Cousins, Claire Karban, Fay Li, and Mariana Zapanta (Distinction)

“How Many Steps Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?: Integrating Higher Efficiency Lamps into the American Consciousness” by Russ Aguilar, Ariane LeClerq, Arshia Sandozi, and Megan Teplitsky