A Review of Seafoam Slam Festival: A Murder Mystery

27 September 2021

This is a repost of an ETB show, Seafoam Slam Festival: A Murder Mystery, which debuted in Spring 2021, written by Etienne Richart.  Seafoam Slam Festival: A Murder Mystery, as…

This is a picture of the poster for the show.

Memorial for Owen Jenkins, Wayne Carver, November 4, 2002

24 August 2021

This eulogy was written by Wayne Carver, very slightly revised and then read by George Soule at a meeting of the Carleton College Faculty on November 4, 2002. Paragraphs in…

1958 Owen Jenkins

Senior Softball: Au Revoir World!

12 June 2021

Dateline: (A Lonesome) Bell Field (June 2, 2021) My last report from the Green Precincts of Bell Field, site of the English Department’s traditional picnic and “Seniors Versus The World”…

Group of ENGL faculty and seniors

Meditations on Goodbyes

1 June 2021

It’s the last week of classes and I’m thinking about goodbyes. It’s graduation in two weeks for my senior friends and I’m thinking about goodbyes. It’s the final article for…

drawing of John Keats, looking out the window, looking attractive

Tickling and Cullen Skink: Tim and Connie take on our Paired Professor Profile

24 May 2021

Hello Miscellany readers, and welcome to the first of our new series: Paired Professor Profiles! (P to the 3? Let us know what you think). We, your faithful editors, were…

Tim, Connie, Julia, Madeline, & Octavia caught mid-laugh in a Zoom interview.

The Comps Symposium: A Happy Ending, a Sad Goodbye

17 May 2021

On May 8th, we celebrated a timeless English passage: Comps symposium, featuring various excellent, zany presentations. Comps is the closest thing English majors have to a Christmas; it’s the academic…

Laird Hall

Interview with Natalie Marsh ’21, Winner of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest Short Story Contest

10 May 2021

Happy Miscellany Monday! This week, two of our editors, Amanda Mosborg and Julia Johnston, interviewed Natalie Marsh, this year’s winner of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) 49th annual…

Natalie Marsh ('21)

How Many Fireplaces is Too Many Fireplaces? A New Vision of Laird

4 May 2021

Happy sixth week! Over the weekend, the editors got together and decided it was time to do something a little more on the impish side. We’ve just gotten back from…


Introducing the New English Majors

26 April 2021

As our days get slowly sunnier in Northfield, we are excited to see faces new and old on our screens, in our classrooms in the Weitz, and someday soon, in…

street view in northfield

The Recurring Debate Over Skipping Shakespeare

19 April 2021

Happy Miscellany Monday! For this week’s post, we are talking about a frequent cause of controversy in English departments nationwide: whether or not Shakespeare courses should be a requirement to…

Shakespeare COVID sign