Happy 10th Week from the Miscellany!

18 November 2022

It’s tenth week, dear readers, and we at the Miscellany are diligently working away on finals as the snow falls gently in the cold November air. Or, well, that’s what…


Instagramming for Peace: Influencing the English Department with Peter Balaam

11 November 2022

Unless you’ve been living in the Anderson Basement Rat Labs, haven’t had a drop of content that isn’t from an inverted hamster-bottle in weeks, and you’re a little mouse, chances…

imp stonks

iHerb Code: The Man, the Myth, the Mystery

4 November 2022

We at the Miscellany love comments. In fact, we might go so far as to say we need them. We snatch them up whenever they are offered like mangy pigeons…

iHerb brand

Gothic Bingo; or, an Exercise in Fear

28 October 2022

Ah, Halloween. The one time of the year when you can get your fellow edz to watch a horror movie despite their wimp-adjacent personalities. (The Warwick Castle Haunted Dungeon was…

Can you spot the edz?

Papercuts: A Blessing in a Box

21 October 2022

If you’ve spent any time on Second Laird, you might be familiar with the impressive pile of English-themed games and puzzles proudly displayed in the lounge. Little did you know…


Tuscaloosa: A Film Review

14 October 2022

When we sat down with Mike Kowalewski last week, your beloved edz at the Second Laird Miscellany were simply expecting to learn about our predecessors. And learn we did. But…


A Tale of Two Imps: Reflecting on the Carleton Miscellany with Mike Kowalewski

7 October 2022

When we first learned that Professor Mike Kowalewski would be giving a talk on the Miscellany, all of us here at the Second Laird Miscellany were flattered, if a little…

CM and SLM edz

A Call from Beyond

30 September 2022

Impishness was in the air this week on 2nd Laird! Yours truly sat down with Prof. Mike Kowalewski to talk about the first Carleton Miscellany. We then had the privilege…

PPP 2022

The (Un)usual Suspects

21 September 2022

Citizens and friends of the House of Laird! (Lairdites?) On this night, the eve of September 21st, one day ere the fall equinox, a most heinous crime has befallen us.…

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Softball Catch-Up: Return of the Seniors

3 June 2022

 Dateline:  Bell Field (May 31, 2022) There was great anticipation today as the English Department gathered for its first in-person picnic/barbecue and softball game in three years.  The 2020 picnic…

both teams together