The STEManities: The Miscellany’s Crossover Edition

2 April 2023

Hello, dear reader, and happy spring(?)! ‘Tis the season for fresh starts and new beginnings, and so I have recently decided to extend a second chance to my lifelong foe:…

math sad

The Queen’s Closet, part the second; or, To make Cream with Snow.

12 March 2023

Last week, we at the Miscellany made an exciting discovery within the pages of a seventeenth-century cookbook — a recipe for what we can only describe as ye olde ice…

To make Cream with snow

Special Collections Unlock’d; or, Opening the Queen’s Closet

3 March 2023

Deep in the depths of First Libe, there lies a mysterious treasure trove known as “Special Collections.” If you’ve never been, it’s the part of the library that holds all…

The Queen's Closet opened

The good, the bad, and the… foggy? Adapting the Medieval with George Shuffelton

24 February 2023

I have to be honest: I’ve had medieval movies on the mind, lately. When your comps topic is Robin Hood, there’s just so many opportunities for doing ~supplementary research~ in…

KC meets the Bayeux Tapestry

Looking for Love (and Spotting the Trope)

17 February 2023

This week, dear readers, passed us by a special holiday—perhaps the most sacred of all. Valentine’s Day. Sigh. As a complete sucker for all things love and romance and hubba…

anne + gwyneth

Happy Valentine’s From the Miscellany

10 February 2023

Dearest Readers,  I’ve been mourning a FORM recently. As many bemoan the death of poetry (I would come up with others, but come on we are all just thinking about…

valentine's day quiz

What is the shape of our fears? Discussing Climate Fiction with Sarah Dimick

3 February 2023

As you might have gathered from our last post, the journey of an English major can lead down some exciting — and diverse — paths. This week, we had the…

Climate Fiction

English; or, What You Can, In Fact, “Do With That”

27 January 2023

Ah, January in Northfield. The skies are gray. It is cold as all get-out. And the freshmen, bless their hearts, still have the untouched joy of new life. Meanwhile, the…

annoying English conversation

Short Stories for a Snowy Day

20 January 2023

Every time a new term starts, it seems like time goes by faster and faster. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week since we were snacking on…

hemingway but it's me compsing

Workday: A Tale Told in Letters

13 January 2023

Your editors have finally arrived back in Northfield, despite the best attempts of the weather to keep us away — and upon arrival, we noticed a few things have changed…