Introducing our New Editor!

7 October 2019
Photo of a young girl holding a book in pink overalls

If you’ve had the chance to read our most recent post on Elizabeth Freeman’s talk, you’ve heard from our fabulous new editor, Kathleen Danielson. As is made clear from the photo she provided, Kathleen has always loved fashion (that hat! those overalls!) and, of course, literature.

Kathleen’s creativity, passion, and literary finesse have already begun to enliven her writing for the blog and will certainly keep all of us entertained. Thanks, Kathleen, for answering these questions!

Where are you from?

I’m from Woodbury, Minnesota.

When did you decide on the English major?

Honestly, about the age I am in my picture. I’ve always loved to read and write—when I was six, I once spent a whole day writing my first short story, about two of my stuffed animals going on an adventure together (it was called Winnie and Reindeera). And English has always been my favorite subject, so I think I wanted to be an English major from the time I knew what a major was.

What is your current favorite piece of literature?

This is the worst possible question. I’ve read more books than I can count in the past year, and most of them have been incredible, but the one I haven’t been able to get over is Surfacing by Margaret Atwood. I read it in one sitting last fall, and it absolutely floored me.

What’s something you do for fun?

I hand-sew a lot of clothes for myself and friends. One of my favorite things is online shopping for the most expensive items of clothing I can find, and then recreating them with cheap fabric for a fraction of the cost.

Alright, so you’re sitting on a comfy couch reading on a chilly Sunday evening, what drink is in your hand?

A chai latte, or if I’m too lazy to make the long trek from Sevy to Sayles, some peppermint tea. But most of the time my cat sits in my lap demanding attention while I read, and I’m left with no hands to hold a drink.

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