English Trivia Night at Imminent Brewing

14 February 2020
By Kathleen Danielson
trivia night at imminent brewing

It was Wednesday, February 12, and twenty-odd English majors, professors, and honorary guests came shivering in from the bitter cold, eager to warm up with pizza, drinks, and friendly competition at Imminent Brewing.

Organized by senior English major Claire Seymour and hosted by trivia magnate Arnab Chakladar, English Trivia Night was a booming success. Participants separated into seven teams of four to answer questions from categories that included book covers, Second Laird trivia, and general literary facts, among others.

Questions ranged from “Which Jane Austen novel was originally titled ‘First Impressions’?” (‘Pride and Prejudice’) to “Was John Milton alive, dead, or not yet born in 1607?” (he was born in 1608) and “What did Greg Hewett use to dry the OCS receipts he spilled coffee on?” (an oven, unsuccessfully).

Competition was stiff, and each round saw a new leader rise to the top of the scoreboard, but ultimately team “Laird Minus One” (Peter Balaam, Jonathan Grinde, Meredith Oldham, and Abby Hartzell) pulled ahead for the victory. They were followed closely by faculty powerhouse team “Three Wise Men” (Tim Raylor, Greg Smith, Mike Kowaleski, and Laura Goering).

Though only two teams managed to snatch the coveted prizes of department t-shirts and candy, the evening had something for everyone. Some learned new literary facts, others met and bonded with new people, and we all ate delicious pizza and enjoyed one another’s company.

If you missed out, never fear! Perhaps English Trivia Night will see a revival in the future. Until then, keep those literary minds sharp!

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