Creative Spotlight: “Composition” by Lulu Mourning

25 October 2019
By Kathleen Danielson
lulu mourning

Halloween draws ever nearer! For our first creative spotlight of the year, we present a spooky poem by Lulu Mourning (’20), an English major from Brooklyn, NY. Lulu enjoys reading gothic novels (she can plow through several hundred pages in a sitting), exposing her friends to obscure media, and, of course, writing. Read her breathtakingly macabre poem “Composition” below!


Yours is the beauty of a body decomposing.

A dead bird in a forest: flesh unspooled over

Chalky white ribcage, feathers matted with blood,

Wet with dew. We are still animals.

I, animal, want to fall to my knees and

Scent the dead thing on the needle-thatched

Ground, want to birth a snarl in the back of

My throat and rip it apart with my teeth.

I pick sinew from my canines using

one clean bone.

I want to break your bones

So I can see your cells knit back together

And bear witness to creation. Lie on my

Table-top, dear one, when you grow sticky

With formaldehyde: I’ll drag

My scalpel through the soft skin of your

Sternum; a hot knife through butter.

But the wet red tongues of sundered meat

Kiss themselves into reunion: you seal yourself up.

My head is on your naked chest as I listen

For a heartbeat. I hear it, all at once.

I, butcher, leave through the backdoor.