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14 April 2023
By Sophia Heidebrecht

Spring has sprung, Lairdites, and there’s nothing like sunny weather to make one excited about the future. That’s why this week, we thought we’d look ahead and share some things to get you excited about the week to come.

bob daily poster

On Wednesday (this Wednesday, as in the Wednesday upon us, also known as the 19th of April in the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty-three!), Carleton alum Bob Daily ‘82 will return to his old stomping grounds, the lovely Laird Hall, to talk about his experience in the television and journalism industries. Now an executive producer for The Wonder Years, he has extensive experience working with well-known series including Frasier and Rugrats and for publications such as the Chicago Tribune and the Boston Globe. If you would like to learn more about his career and life after Carleton, join us on Wednesday (this Wednesday!) in Laird 205 at 5:00 PM.

But before that, English majors and Laird affiliates, we have another important date to remind you of. That’s right, applications for next year’s Living London program are due Monday, April 17! You may have noticed some familiar faces back in Laird this spring, as Peter Balaam’s Winter 2023 cohort returns to campus. Next spring, Greg Hewett will be leading another cohort of Carleton students to the great beyond — that is, Britain — to get to know the city and experience its theater and history, while sharpening their creative writing skills, on Living London 2024: Writing City, Creating Self.

What about last year, you might ask? Well, if you had been on campus in Northfield last spring, you might have noticed that something was missing. Or, we should say, someone. While one of your dear editors was dutifully working away, attending comps presentations and the like, the other two were over the ocean and far away, in the fantastical city known as London.

To give you some inspiration to get those applications in, we thought we’d share a bit about some of the wonderful things you can do on the English department’s signature OCS program (and maybe get you thinking about it for a future year if you haven’t started planning yet!). Admire your Edz — cool, sophisticated, international scholars — exploring London and the surrounding areas. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

baby sheep cropped
Aww, look. Baby sheep.
flowers in oxford
Flowers in March? It’s more likely than you think.
on the tube
What is your mysterious, pensive editor gazing at? I don’t remember but it was probably an ad on the tube.

Remember how it was snowing, like, last week? Spring in Minnesota can be temperamental, to say the least. In like a lion, out like a lamb? Wouldn’t you prefer lambs all the way?

But even better than the weather are the people! Going abroad with a group of fellow Carleton students is a great way to make some new friends who love literature as much as you do. There’s nothing like navigating the tube (and occasionally getting lost) to bring you closer together. The city is your oyster! (Just don’t forget your Oyster card)

london cohort spring 22
Living London group of spring 2022, featuring professors Pierre Hecker and Juliane Shibata, plus our third teacher, theater critic Jane Edwardes. (and lovely host Patrick!)

Plays? We saw them (a total of 31, by the way). Museums? We visited them (at least 20, by some counts). The banks of the Thames? We got to know them on a deeper level (if you haven’t heard about mudlarking, what are you doing with your life). Want to indulge your inner child? Try playing dress-up at the Bath Fashion Museum, or adventuring on Zog’s Quest at Warwick Castle.

fashion museum

Bonus points if you can spot me in this pic.

It’s always fun to play pretend. Speaking of plays, the London theater scene is incomparable. We saw more plays in ten weeks than I’d seen in maybe my entire life. And if what you see with the class isn’t enough, the amazing thing about London theater is that it’s easy enough to get a ticket for 10 or 15 pounds. Take Shakespeare’s Globe, the amazing reconstruction of an Elizabethan theater. We went to three productions there, but I went to two on my own as a groundling for really cheap. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise — groundlings have the most fun. It’s just so much more immersive to get splashed with fake wine — or fake blood. Or have your classmate’s purple hair be referenced during a production of Much Ado About Nothing.

With all the theater, museums, historic sites and tourist attractions, London has infinite opportunities for exploration. Oh, and did we mention the food?

Remember to get those applications in on Monday!


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