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Softball Catch-Up: Return of the Seniors

3 June 2022

 Dateline:  Bell Field (May 31, 2022) There was great anticipation today as the English Department gathered for its first in-person picnic/barbecue and softball game in three years.  The 2020 picnic…

both teams together

A Lovely May for Comps

14 May 2022

A Minnesota May is a glorious thing. It brings the beginning of spring, offering a reprieve from the -33 degree temperatures that are certainly inhospitable to human life. Nature is…

Weitz Center for Creativity

We Should All Be Project Comps

8 February 2022

I find Rebecca (she/her) in the strange Zoom-Wonderland so many of us are accustomed to, glossy from class and ready to share her screen. I open the meeting by telling…

reb n oct

The Comps Symposium: A Happy Ending, a Sad Goodbye

17 May 2021

On May 8th, we celebrated a timeless English passage: Comps symposium, featuring various excellent, zany presentations. Comps is the closest thing English majors have to a Christmas; it’s the academic…

Laird Hall

Independent Studies in English

13 April 2021

Hello, Second Laird Community! On this chilly, rather gloomy day, we want to highlight a really wonderful and fun opportunity that is available for students in the English department: independent…


Comps Conversation

25 January 2021

This week, our three editors met via Zoom to talk about how comps is going for each of us. In the interview, we talk about how to structure a crime…

comps convo

Congratulations Claire Seymour!

20 January 2020

We on second Laird are proud to express our warmest congratulations to Claire Seymour (’20), who has been named a top 10 finalist in the 2019 Narrative Magazine 30 Below…

Claire standing in front of the Minnesota sunrise

London OCS Spotlight: Jacob Isaacs ’20

19 November 2019

Last week, I sat down with senior English major Jacob Isaacs to talk about his Off Campus Studies experience. Jacob was part of Carleton’s 2018 English Literature and Theater in…

A man poses in front of Tower Bridge in London

No Stopping the World!

7 June 2019

DATELINE: Bell Field (June 4, 2019) “Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! Rage, blow! / You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout / Till you have drenched our steeples, . . .…

spring 2019 picnic

Senior Spotlight: English Majors Teaching on the Fulbright

5 June 2019

As another spring meanders to a close, all of us on Second Laird are excited for everyone’s plans for the off-season, in particular our graduating seniors about to pen new…

four fulbright friends