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Softball Catch-Up: Return of the Seniors

3 June 2022

 Dateline:  Bell Field (May 31, 2022) There was great anticipation today as the English Department gathered for its first in-person picnic/barbecue and softball game in three years.  The 2020 picnic…

both teams together

There’s Rue for You: A Guide to Victorian Flower Language

19 April 2022

Happy Spring, Miscellany readers! Yes, we know that it was just snowing outside, but Minnesotan weather aside, we’re welcoming the new season with delusional optimism! In hopes that the Northfield…


Mad Libs with the Miscellany

8 March 2022

Hello Dear Readers, happy 10th week! To perk you up, we’ve assembled some literary Mad Libs for you. Not familiar with Mad Libs? Do you miss the good old days…

Pride and Prejudice book cover

Passing is a Literary Marvel: Book Recs For Black History Month

28 February 2022

Happy Miscellany Monday! We hope you had a restful and productive February! To commemorate the end of Black History Month, we wanted to bring attention to some of our favorite…


Senior Softball: Au Revoir World!

12 June 2021

Dateline: (A Lonesome) Bell Field (June 2, 2021) My last report from the Green Precincts of Bell Field, site of the English Department’s traditional picnic and “Seniors Versus The World”…

Group of ENGL faculty and seniors

How Many Fireplaces is Too Many Fireplaces? A New Vision of Laird

4 May 2021

Happy sixth week! Over the weekend, the editors got together and decided it was time to do something a little more on the impish side. We’ve just gotten back from…


Laird Nostalgia

18 May 2020

In this COVID-19 era, Laird, our favorite campus building and second home, sits mostly empty. No students bustle through its hallways, wait patiently for their turn in office hours, or…

Sign in front of Laird Hall

A Goodbye to Laird from a Graduating Senior

28 February 2020

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be graduating early from Carleton. And in a few months, Laird as we know it will be totally different: renovated, changed for the better,…

second laird english department

English Trivia Night at Imminent Brewing

14 February 2020

It was Wednesday, February 12, and twenty-odd English majors, professors, and honorary guests came shivering in from the bitter cold, eager to warm up with pizza, drinks, and friendly competition…

trivia night at imminent brewing

NT Live: Frankenstein and the Modern Cumberbrunch

31 January 2019

This past Sunday was a treat for all lovers of theatrical productions, Gothic hauntings, schmeared bagels, and the dramatic chops of renowned actor Byzantine Candlestick. The English department organized a…