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Happy Jewish Heritage Month: Helene Wecker is Delightful, and her Novel is Too

10 May 2022

As part of Jewish Heritage Month, we meet up with Helene Wecker – New York Times bestselling author, Trekkie, and Carleton alum – in Zoom-wonderland to discuss her novels, assurance…

Golem and the Jinni

Banishéd: Susan’s Tale of Woe

8 November 2021

Interview conducted by: Octavia Washington, Madeline Goldberg, Julia Johnston Laird’s renovations call for celebration! We English majors have finally been rewarded for the endless time we spent writing essays (which…


Carleton Quirky: An After-School Special

12 October 2021

I leap out of bed at 7 am. Yes, I mean that literally, and please don’t ask me why. Looking out my perfect Owens window, I stretch, watching the first…

Three squirrel pictures, three names

Welcome to Laird and Meet the Editors

2 October 2021

Welcome back to Laird, home of disgraced English majors and (one) elevator. We took a break in our regularly scheduled programing for a bit of construction, but now we, and…

Julia and Octavia work on the puzzle.

Tickling and Cullen Skink: Tim and Connie take on our Paired Professor Profile

24 May 2021

Hello Miscellany readers, and welcome to the first of our new series: Paired Professor Profiles! (P to the 3? Let us know what you think). We, your faithful editors, were…

Tim, Connie, Julia, Madeline, & Octavia caught mid-laugh in a Zoom interview.

Interview with Natalie Marsh ’21, Winner of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest Short Story Contest

10 May 2021

Happy Miscellany Monday! This week, two of our editors, Amanda Mosborg and Julia Johnston, interviewed Natalie Marsh, this year’s winner of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) 49th annual…

Natalie Marsh ('21)

Independent Studies in English

13 April 2021

Hello, Second Laird Community! On this chilly, rather gloomy day, we want to highlight a really wonderful and fun opportunity that is available for students in the English department: independent…


Chair Greg Hewett speaks on changes to the English Department

1 March 2021

Happy Miscellany Monday! This week, we chatted with English Department Chair and creative writing professor Greg Hewett to hear about both immediate and long-term changes happening in the English department…

Department meeting

“Living London: Literature, Theater, Art, and the City”

16 February 2021

This week, the Miscellany met with Juliane Shibata and Pierre Hecker, faculty directors of the upcoming spring 2022 London program, to talk through what is new, what is coming back…

London program

Comps Conversation

25 January 2021

This week, our three editors met via Zoom to talk about how comps is going for each of us. In the interview, we talk about how to structure a crime…

comps convo