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Creative Spotlight: Shadowboxing by Nathaniel Chew (’19)

21 January 2017

This week’s Creative Spotlight focuses on sophomore Nathaniel Chew. Nathaniel has yet to declare, but is a prospective English/Linguistics double major, indulging in his love of words. He has kindly given us…

Creative Spotlight: Poems by Kate Abram (’17)

13 January 2017

Welcome back, readers of the Second Laird Miscellany! This week’s creative spotlight focuses on senior English major Kate Abram, who has generously handed over three of her poems for our…

Creative Spotlight: “Inklings” by Julia Truten (’19)

24 October 2016

We open this week with a creative spotlight – in more ways than one. What’s so special about writing with old-fashioned pen and ink? In a short personal essay, Julia…

Susan Jaret McKinstry Tells Carleton Students to Take a Walk!

11 May 2016

As a part of WALK!, Carleton’s walking and walking art festival, the English Department’s Susan Jaret McKinstry recently inaugurated a community exhibition piece called the Walking Path Memoir Map. The…

Creative Spotlight: The Ekphrastic Map (Parts 3 & 4)

29 April 2016

This week in our spotlight on the Ekphrastic Map, the Miscellany brings you two takes on one piece of public art: 1000 NAMES by Audrey Kan (’18) and HOW TO GRIEVE PROPERLY &…

Creative Spotlight: The Ekphrastic Map (Part 2)

22 April 2016

Today the Miscellany brings you the second of four installments from The Ekphrastic Map: “Prelude/Fugue” by Soren Schlassa (’18). Read our previous Ekphrastic Map spotlight.

Skinner Chapel organ pipes

Creative Spotlight: The Ekphrastic Map (Part 1)

8 April 2016

Today the Miscellany brings you the first of four installments from the Ekphrastic Map: “(We’re) Untitled (Now)” by Carolyn Ryan ’18. Read more about our features on the Ekphrastic Map . (We’re) Untitled…

Ekphrastic Map

Creative Spotlight: Introducing the Ekphrastic Map!

6 April 2016

The Miscellany is excited to announce its upcoming features on works from Chris Martin’s Ekphrastic Map! In last term’s Intro to Creative Writing Class, Martin invited students to write poetry,…

Presidential Sonnets: 2016 Presidential Candidates in the Style of Everyone’s Favorite Bard

14 March 2016

For his final project in Pierre Hecker’s Shakespeare II course, Noah Bunnell (’16) tried his hand at iambic pentameter. A political aficionado, Noah created the following five mash-ups between current…

Creative Spotlight: Intro to Creative Writing’s Responses to Public Art on Campus

10 March 2016

  Today, we bring you the second installment of pieces from Chris Martin (’00)’s Intro to Creative Writing class. Martin challenged his students to write in response to the 1980 lithograph…