The World Squeaks By

31 July 2023

Dateline:  Bell Field (May 30, 2023) “If Softball be the food of life, play on!”  Amidst unpromising meteorological reports earlier in the day (“hail possible; scattered thunderstorms approaching”), the English…

Group Photo bbq 2023

Paired Professor Profile: Nancy Cho & Susan Jaret McKinstry

2 June 2023

Before the annual Empty Bowls this May, your local Miscellany editors had the chance to participate in another time-honored tradition: the Paired Professor Profile (PPP), bringing together two of our…

Susan & Nancy drawing

Close Reading 24kGoldn

23 May 2023

Listen. I know that Sproncert was last weekend, but as a Covid freshman who spent last spring term abroad, it was my first and only one! I’m just a little…

24kgoldn genius interview but it's elena

Much Ado About Something

14 May 2023

OMG. Guys, it has been SUCH a crazy week. First of all, the senior English majors had our comps presentations (go us!). It happened, and it is done. Second of…


Meet the New Majors!

5 May 2023

Last week, we got to meet some of our newly declared English majors at the English department’s annual party for major declarations. It was a fun time, complete with trivia…

Face cake 2023 edition

Get thee to the theater!

28 April 2023

If you haven’t heard, next week, Carleton’s theater will be launching its spring production. This term, they’ll be presenting Much Ado About Nothing, a comedy written by this really cool,…

much ado poster

Springtime; or, Why the Greeks Matter

21 April 2023

Lairdites! Guess what! There is a lot happening next week. So clear your calendars and listen up (read up? Whatever). On Monday, April 24th, University of Minnesota Professor Douglas Kearney…

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Coming Soon in Second Laird

14 April 2023

Spring has sprung, Lairdites, and there’s nothing like sunny weather to make one excited about the future. That’s why this week, we thought we’d look ahead and share some things…

flowers in oxford

One-Star Trivia with the Miscellany

7 April 2023

If there’s one thing all three of your Miscellany editors have in common, it’s our love of trivia. Quizbowl? We’ve been there. Reunion trivia night? We’ve done that. English department…

i'm sorry but i didn't like it!

The STEManities: The Miscellany’s Crossover Edition

2 April 2023

Hello, dear reader, and happy spring(?)! ‘Tis the season for fresh starts and new beginnings, and so I have recently decided to extend a second chance to my lifelong foe:…

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