The English Creative Writing Minor is intended for students who wish to gain experience in creative writing by taking a series of writing workshops accompanied by the study of literature relevant to their writing interests. Students must complete 36 total credits as described below.

  • 18 credits of creative writing workshops, chosen from college-wide offerings in prose fiction, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, television writing, and/or creative nonfiction; including at least one course in the English Department and one course at the 300 level: 
    • CAMS 271 Fiction
    • CAMS 278 Writing for Television (not offered in 2020-21)
    • CAMS 279 Screenwriting
    • CCST 270 Creative Travel Writing Workshop (not offered in 2020-21)
    • ENGL 160 Creative Writing
    • ENGL 263 Crafts of Writing: Creative Nonfiction (not offered in 2020-21)
    • ENGL 264 American Lyric: Poetry, Pop and Rap (not offered in 2020-21)
    • ENGL 265 News Stories
    • ENGL 270 Short Story Workshop
    • ENGL 271 Poetry Workshop
    • ENGL 273 Writing Memoir (not offered in 2020-21)
    • ENGL 370 Advanced Fiction Workshop
    • ENGL 371 Advanced Poetry Workshop
    • THEA 246 Playwriting (not offered in 2020-21)
  • 18 credits of literature courses drawn from offerings in the Department of English, in courses numbered over 100.  Must include at least one course at the 300 level. Students who wish to complete the Creative Writing Minor are encouraged to choose literature courses that are pertinent to their creative writing interests.

English majors who wish to also minor in Creative Writing may do so, but they may not count more than 18 credits of their major toward the 36 total credits for the minor.