English Comps Symposium – Saturday, May 5, 2018 

Coffee & Pastries — Hallway of 2nd Laird — 9:00 AM

WELCOME — Department Chair Nancy Cho — 9:25 AM

SESSION I     9:30-10:30 AM

A. Research I: Constructing Gender and GenreLaird 206

      Klara Rossby, “Alexander McQueen: Couturier of Stories”

      Hannah Gellman, “Female Agency within Shakespeare’s Brother-Sister Relationships”

      Jane Kelly, “Ms. Marvel and the Evolution of American Body Politics in Superhero Comics”

B.  The Poets — Laird 212

      Annmarie Delfino, “Silver Witness”

      Bonnie Lindgren, “Uncertain Creatures”

      Francisco Alvarez, “The Immigrant Problem”

SESSION II     10:40-11:45 AM

A. Colloquium: Imitation & Revision — Laird 206

      Emma Halper, Grace Johnson, Natty Maneerit, Saul Melo, Alexandra Pozniak,
      Mary Savoye, Adriana Smith, Christine Zheng

B.  The Story Tellers — Laird 211

      Alison Lorenz, “These Are Her Places”

      Madison Chambers & Tina Sieben, “Fisher”

C.  Research II: On Narrative and Reading — Laird 212

      Martha Durrett, “Data-Driven Literary Analysis of the Works of Charles Dickens”

      Melannie Wurm, “Corrupt & Incorruptible: Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, and the American Dream”

      Joseph Brommel, “On Reading Pale Fire

RECEPTION / LUNCH — Hallway of 2nd Laird — 12:00-1:00 PM