English Comps Symposium – Saturday, May 6, 2017

Coffee & Pastries — Hallway of 2nd Laird — 9:00 AM

WELCOME — Department Chair Nancy Cho — 9:25 AM

SESSION I     9:30-10:30 AM

A. Project and Creative Writing:  Narrative ExplorationsLaird 206

      Claire Trujillo, “Alaska Narratives”

      Jennifer Kwon, “Exploration and Trial of Translation Theory in Korean Literature”

      Molly Hildreth, “Home”

B.  Creative Writing:  Reimagining Genre—Laird 211

      Leslie Mei, “Bildungsroman: An Autobiography”

      Julie Zhou, “Generics: Selected Stories”

      Sophia King, “GODLAND”

C.  Research: The Literary-Political Imagination—Laird 212

      Connor Rohwer, “Imagining Revolution: Defamiliarization and the Politics of the
                                        Imagination in Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Popular Songs”

      Ellen Carter, “An Ever-Expanding Sum: Doubling, Feminist Discourse, Multiplicity, and
                                 the (Re)telling of the Jane Eyre-Bertha Story”

      Justice TenEyck, “Writing as Resistance: The Prison Writing of Bobby Sands”

SESSION II     10:35-11:35 AM

A. Colloquium: Literary Dialogues—Laird 211

      Daria Briol, Emily Clark, Mike Hellman, Claire O’Brien

B.  Creative Writing:  Poetry I—Laird 212

      Kate Abram, “Grit.”

      Annemarie Eayrs, “The Dying Room”

      Carrie Johnson, “the spaces between”

SESSION III     11:40 AM–12:40 PM

A.  Research: Textual Frontiers—Laird 211

      Olivia Williams, “The Art of Imitation: Multivalent Narratives and the Question of
                                       Culpability in William Blake’s Paradise Lost Illustrations”

      Ben Matson, “Finding a Place in Postmodernism: The Postpostmodernity of Cloud Atlas

      Katie Ciaglo, “What We Talk About When We Talk About Authorship: Editorial
                                 Intervention and Collaboration in Raymond Carver’s Short Stories”

B. Creative Writing Poetry II—Laird 212

      Leah Roche, “How Not to Drown”

      Eli Sorich, “twofold”

      Zara Pylvainen, “The Wrong Hymn”

RECEPTION / LUNCH — Hallway of 2nd Laird — 12:30-1:30 PM