English Comps Symposium  – Saturday, May 11, 2013

Coffee & Muffins available  – Laird Second Floor Hallway – 9:00 am 

WELCOME – Chair Kofi Owusu – 9:25 am

Session I – 9:30-10:30 am

A.   Pastoral & Emotion in Poetry – Laird 206

  • Shavera Seneviratne, “Keats and the Sophistication of the Pastoral”
  • Dan Antoszyk, “Accessing Emotion in Philip Larkin’s Poetry”
  • Sophie Rouhandeh, “Pastoral Realism in Patrick Kavanaugh’s Poetry”

B.   Creative Writing I – Laird 211

  • Brandi Branham – “Breaking Points” short stories
  • Josh Kirschenbaum – “Freak Show Stories”
  • Julie Besenbruch, “Downtown to Waimanalo: The Hawaii I Know” short stories

C.   Quest for Meaning in America – Laird 212

  • Sarah Trautman, “An (In)finite Landscape: Science and Literature in Dillard and Thoreau”    
  • Tim FitzPatrick, “A Runaway American Dream: Critique of Capitalism in Steinbeck”
  • Pedro Fernandez, “Melville’s ‘Livid Hieroglyph’: The Exhaustion of Pierre” 

Session II – 10:35-11:20 am

A.   Project Comps – Laird 206

  • Emily Altschul, “Fifty Percent Illusion: Creating the Madwoman”
  • Leaf Elhai, “Teaching Text: Yamamoto’s ‘Seventeen Syllables’”
  • Connor Lane, “Caliban and the Postcolonial Stage”
  • Sophie Siegel-Warren, “Making ‘Choice(s)’”

B.   Creative Writing II – Laird 211

  • Dan Peck – “When God Wrote this World and Wrote it Badly” short stories
  • Lily Ferris, “Caught in the Soft Light,” a novel in the making

C.   Milton – Laird 212

  • Rachel Porcher, “Fiction, Function, Occasion & Confusion in ‘Lycidas’”
  • Jacob Styburski, “Lacking the Will to Repent: Bedeviled Freedom in Paradise Lost

Session III – 11:25-12:25 am

A.   Sex and Power – Laird 206

  • Monica Fleisher, “Surveillance, Authority, and Virginity Loss in Young Adult Fiction”
  • Katie Neher, “Incorporate in Rome:  Weaponized Femininity in Shakespeare”
  • Rachel White, “White Leda, Black Swan: Myth, Victim and The Sound and the Fury

B.   Colloquium Group, “Dangerous Reading” – Laird 211

  • John Gitta, Mara Kilgore, Ellen Levine, Forrest McKnight, Dan Sairsingh, Emily Steidel

C.   Legend, Adaptation and Meaning – Laird 212

  • Jonathan Lin, “Trial and Terror: Dystopian Film Adaptations of Kafka and Truffaut”
  • Aditya Menon, “Artists of the Floating Signifier:  Narayan & Ishiguro”
  • Sarah Price, “The Lord of the Sagas: Tom Bombadil in Lord of the Rings

 RECEPTION / LUNCH – Laird Second Floor Hallway – 12:25-1:15 pm