English Comps Symposium – Saturday, May 8, 2010

12:45 p.m.  WELCOME    

1:00–2:00  Session I

A. Laird 206 –  [Early English literature]

  • Marjorie Harrington, “Languages, Translation and Truth in Piers Plowman
  • Chris Burke, “Shakespeare’s Wise Fools”
  • Amanda Zoch, “’With Mirth in Funeral’: Comitragedy in Shakespeare’s Plays”

B. Laird 211 –  [Later Literature]

  • Jessie Krzeminski, “Challenging the Concept of Happily Ever After: Austen”
  • Julia Gold, “Reading The Portrait of a Lady through Emerson’s ‘Self-Reliance’”
  • Clare Jones, “’This Precarious City’: Urban Landscape in Poetry of Joy Harjo “

C. Laird 212 –  [Visual, project comps]

  • Jared Evans, “P. Rose” (Graphic Novel)
  • Davey Bendiksen, “Envisioning the America of Carl Sandburg in Photographs”
  • Ben Mirin, “Northern Irish Identity in Literature and Photography”

2:00-2:15  Break

2:15-3:15  Session II

A. Laird 206 – [Creative writing]

  • Charlotte Muzzi, “Poems from the North and West”
  • Maya Iginla, “Mercedes Bends” (novel)
  • Matt Reindel, “The True History of Drew Chugsmith of the Midwest” (novel)

B. Laird 211 – [Contemporary literature]

  • Sasha Korobova, “Institutions in the Home: Violence in the Plays of Fornes”
  • Alex Gibson, “Owning Up to the Past: Toni Morrison & Gloria Naylor”
  • Arika Garg, “Representation and Resistance in Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth

C. Laird 212 – [Performance]

  • Susan Chambers, “There go the loves that wither” (play)
  • Katy Bratko, “Transgressive Love in Literature and Film”

3:15-3:30  Break

3:30-4:30     Session III

A. Laird 211 –  Colloquium Comps Group

  • Allison Herbst, Emily Howell, Heather McPherson, Wes Moore, Annie Rees, Stephanie Strother, Hannah Willard

B. Laird 212 – [Creative fiction]

  • Janelle Washington, Untitled (novel)
  • Chelsea Ronsse, “You Get What You Pay For” (novel)
  • Roma Patel, “Three Accidental Stories”

4:30-5:30  RECEPTION