Proposal Submission Guidelines

The deadline for your comps proposal varies based on the option you plan to complete:

  • Project comps proposals due on Wednesday, September 20 at noon
  • Creative Writing and Research Essay comps proposals due Wednesday, October 4 at noon
  • Colloquium comps proposals due Thursday, October 19 at noon*

You can find descriptions of each comps option at the bottom of this page, via the links in the light blue boxes.  Please consult the relevant web page for detailed instructions on what to include in your proposal.

When you are ready to submit your proposal, please follow these steps:

  1. Submit a cover sheet electronically using the appropriate link below.
  2. Submit an electronic copy of your proposal. Proposals will be read anonymously, so DO NOT put your name on it. Revisions of the proposal may be required.
    • Entries must be saved as Microsoft Word documents; no PDFs, please. When saving your Word file, please use the following title format: “Student ID # – Working Title.docx”. YOUR NAME SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED in the file name of your entry.

*NOTE: Colloquium proposals should be emailed to the two Colloquium coordinators and Solvei Robertson. 

Final Comps Submission Guidelines

Your comps submission is due on Friday, March 8 by 5 PM (the last day of classes). This deadline is firm; late submissions will not be eligible for the grade of distinction. You will be submitting a paper copy and an electronic copy of your comps. Faculty evaluators will be reading your work anonymously, so please pay close attention to the following directions:

  1. The first page of your comps should be a title page, which lists the title of your work, the comps option you’ve completed, and your randomly assigned comps number (but NOT your name).
  2. The electronic copy of your comps should be submitted here. Comps must be submitted as Microsoft Word documents; no PDFs, please.¬†Your file should be titled using the following format: “Comps # [insert randomly-assigned comps #] – Title of your work.docx”. Your name should not be included in the file name of your entry. Note for Projects: If you have files of other types as part of your submission, you may submit them in the second file block.
  3. The paper copy of your comps should be handed to Solvei Robertson in Laird 202.