The pages below provide sample schedules for students specifically interested in the 3-2 or 3-3 versions of the Dual Degree Engineering Program. These sample schedules are provided as a general guide and can be modified based on the particular background and coursework of the student.

Although the schedules shown are for the most common majors for students pursuing engineering after Carleton, the Dual Degree program is compatible with majors in other disciples. Please note that choosing one of these alternate majors makes it very difficult to complete all of the requirements if the student doesn’t plan from the very beginning of their Carleton coursework. A student may decide at any point that he/she is not interested in pursuing the program; the final commitment is made during the junior year for the 3-2 and 3-3 version of the program.

Students interested in the 3-2 program should lay out a term-by-term schedule for their 3 years at Carleton and then arrange to meet with the pre-engineering advisor and the department chair in their intended major as early as possible in their Carleton career to discuss their plan.

Note: These schedules are intended to help students begin thinking about arranging their schedule.  They are not meant to be a definitive guide to an exact schedule.