Keith Harrison’s Poem Chosen

30 September 2021

Keith Harrison, Professor of English & Writer in Residence, Emeritus, had his entry for the Australian Catholic University Poetry Prize short-listed, and later, chosen as one of the three Highly Commended poems for this year, for which he received an award of $1000. The poem will be published in a forthcoming annual anthology.  He has also been working on final copy for several new books, including a memoir called NOT QUITE ITHAKA: Encounters on the Way, a collection of poetry called MY FATHER’S APPLES: New Poems & Late Pickings, and two books of essays entitled, respectively, RHYTHM AND DESIRE: Essays on the Craft of Poetry and, ONCE UPON A RIVER: Essays on Teaching and the Environment. He is hoping, Deo concedente, to have all of these books published before his 90th birthday at the end of January 2022. In his spare time, Keith has been involved in opposing some alarming developments in the politics of the Australian environment, particularly the destructive influence of a Chinese mining company in the Tasmanian rain-forest.