Each location on campus has a designated emergency shelter area. For your safety, familiarize yourself with the shelter locations for the places where you spend time frequently.

When emergency shelter is required, move quickly to one of these areas. Avoid windows if possible. Remain alert for updates to the situation.

Storm Shelter Locations

  • 200 Division Street: Basement level corridors
  • Alumni Guest House: Lower level corridors
  • Anderson Hall: Room 36 and East Hallway by Restrooms
  • Arboretum Office: Lower level Parr House
  • Boliou Hall: Lower level corridors
  • Burton Hall: Lower level corridors
  • Cassat Hall: Lower level corridors
  • Center for Math and Computing: Lower level corridors
  • Cowling Gymnasium: Lower level corridor and indoor tennis court
  • Davis Hall: Lower level corridor
  • Evans Hall: Lower level corridor
  • Facilities Building: Mid-level print room
  • Faculty Club: Lower level corridors
  • Faculty Club Annex: Go to the Faculty Club emergency shelter area
  • Goodhue Hall: Lower level corridor
  • Goodsell Observatory: Lower level corridor
  • Gould Memorial Library: Second-floor south wall
  • Hasenstab Hall: Bottom of south (Hulings Hall side) stairwell
  • Hulings Hall: Lower level corridors
  • James Hall: Lower level corridors
  • Laird Hall: Lower level corridors
  • Laird Stadium: Lower level inside locker/classrooms
  • Language and Dining Center: Main floor corridor adjacent to restrooms
  • Leighton Hall: Lower level corridor
  • Music and Drama Center: Lower level corridors
  • Musser Hall: Main floor corridor
  • Myers Hall: Main floor corridor
  • Nourse Hall: Lower level corridor
  • Olin Hall: Lower level corridor
  • Parish House: Lower level
  • Recreation Center: Laundry room, Dance Studio, and restrooms
  • Sayles-Hill: Lower level corridors
  • Scoville Hall: Lower level corridor
  • Severance Hall: Lower level corridor, Dining Hall/kitchen if open
  • Skinner Memorial Chapel: Lower level corridors/classrooms
  • Watson Hall: Lower level corridors and lounge
  • Weitz Center: Basement level corridors
  • West Gymnasium: Lower level corridors, locker rooms
  • Willis Hall: Lower level corridors

Off-Campus and Interest Houses: Seek shelter in the lowest level/basement of the house. If there is no basement, go to an inner hallway, a smaller inner room, or a closet. Keep away from windows.

Outdoors: Try to get inside and seek a small protected space with no windows. If you cannot get inside, crouch for protection beside a strong structure, or lie flat in a ditch or low-lying area and cover your head and neck with your arms or a piece of clothing.