Application for Admittance to the Licensure Program

  • Be sure to order a transcript (unofficial is fine) sent to the Educational Studies Department. Allow enough time for it to arrive by the application deadline of the term in which you wish your application to be considered by the Teacher Education Committee.
  • When all application materials are in, you will be contacted to schedule your application interview. This informal interview is held a few days prior to the Teacher Education Committee meeting in which your candidacy will be considered.

Student Teaching Placement

These forms will be provided during winter or spring term, either in preparation for the spring Schooling and Community class (EDUC385) or as a part of the student teaching registration and placement process. Some may also be downloaded.

License Application

These forms are available through the educational studies department and will be provided at a student teaching seminar late in the student teaching term. The Educator Licensing and Standards Board now provides for the application electronically of a first-time Minnesota educator license.

  • Information sheet on how to apply online to the State of Minnesota for teaching license, includes the Conduct Review Statement and instructions for completion.
  • Fingerprint card, available through the educational studies department.
  • Fee: for license and fingerprint processing
  • The Educational Studies Department will supply your official MTLE score reports and verification of course work. The Registrar will provide an official transcript.