Professor Appleman’s Fall Term Talks

26 January 2016

Hollis L. Caswell Professor of Educational Studies, recently gave the following talks:

  • November 17 at the University of Notre Dame, “Can the Liberal Arts Liberate the Incarcerated?: Writing from the Inside Out.”
  • On November 21 at the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention, in Minneapolis, “Critical Encounters with Non-Fiction: A Literature Lover’s Approach.”
  • November 23, at the University of Minnesota, “Critical Encounters in High School English: Reading the Word and the World.”
  • December 1 at Augsburg College, “Literary Theory and Non-Fiction.”
  • December 3 at Hamline University, “Looking through Lenses: Critical Theory and Adolescents.”
  • December 4–5 at the Literacy Research Association Annual Conference, in Carlsbad, California, she gave an invited talk at the Memorial for Arthur N. Applebee, a presentation, “Literacy, Equity, and Imagination Behind Bars: The Power of Creative Writing in Prison.”