Anita Chikkatur to be a panelist for #BlackLivesMatter event

16 January 2015

Professor Anita Chikkatur will take part in the event, #BlackLivesMatter, Conversations for Change. “Our goal is to stimulate conversations. Conversations that are attentive to recent events as symptoms of large, systemic, problems and that are willing and able to turn inward to our own communities. The panelists will address some facet of #BlackLivesMatter to raise our consciousnesses, challenge our understanding, and spur continuing dialogues.”


Anita Chikkatur, Professor of Educational Studies

Kevin Wolfe, Robert A. Oden Jr. Postdoctoral Fellow for Innovation in the Humanities in Religion

Sarah Catherine Walker ’99, Second Chance Coalition, Ph.D. Candidate University of Minnesota  

DeRay McKesson, Senior Director, Human Capital at Minneapolis Public Schools  

Nekima Levy-Pounds, St. Thomas University Professor of Law, Director of the Community Justice Project  

Moderated by Professor Adriana Estill, Professor of English and American Studies