Chair: Professor Deborah Appleman

Guided by the assumption that an understanding of educational values, policies, and practices is a legitimate and important part of liberal arts studies, Carleton offers a program of courses that (except student teaching) is open to all students. This program studies education as an individual pursuit, an institutional venture, social issue, and a civic responsibility.

Can I major in it? No, but a minor in Educational Studies is available.

Can I get a teaching license? Yes, in selected areas. Primarily middle school and high school. Please note: Teaching licensure at Carleton will no longer be available beginning with the class of 2027.

Topics explored: The sociology, history, sociocultural context, and politics of education; philosophies of education, ethics and education, multicultural education, educational psychology, school reform, and issues in urban education.

How to get started: Interested students should take EDUC 110: Introduction to Educational Studies during their first or second year.