Educational Studies minors end up in a wide range of careers. Please let us (and your classmates) know what you’re up to by creating a profile. We want to hear from you!


Joshua H. Kwan ’17

WGSTC, Educational Studies, Psychology

Lucasfilm Animation, Production Management

Sarah H. Tan ’16

Educational Studies, Theater Arts

TheatreSquared, Learning Programs Manager


Caroline A. DeBacker ’08

Educational Studies, Studio Art

Zillow, Senior Business Consultant, Enterprise Accounts

Lauren C. Nakamura ’10

History, Educational Studies

Boston Scientific, Marketing Strategy Manager

Education (Higher Ed)

Lauren K. Chow ’14

Educational Studies, Cognitive Science

Babson College, Assistant Director, Education Abroad

Brandon L. Marks ’16

Educational Studies, Psychology

Triton College, Academic Advisor

Erick Sirisoukh ’17

Educational Studies, Psychology

Wiley Education Services, Enrollment Counselor

Jeff Snyder ’97

Psychology, Educational Studies

Carleton, Associate Professor of Educational Studies

Education (Pre K-12)

Dylan M. Holck ’14

History, Educational Studies

Achievement Network (ANet), Senior Associate, Product Success

Christopher S. Sheldon ’92

Political Science, Educational Studies

Bancroft School, Teacher, Performing Arts and History/Speech Coach

Government/Public Service

Michael J. Happ ’17

Educational Studies, Political Science/International Relations

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Program Associate,Climate and Rural Communities

Hannah Nayowith ’16

Educational Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Mondaire for Congress, Campaign Manager

Other Careers

Tsongfw Moua ’10

Educational Studies, American Studies

Science/Lab Research

Stacey L. Pelika ’96

Educational Studies, American Studies

National Education Association, Director of Research

Social Service/Advocacy

Abigail R. Baum ’08

American Studies, Educational Studies

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, PhD Candidate