Fall Term 2023 WE+ Weekly meetings – Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30pm, Sayles 253

WE+ is a student group for women and non-binary individuals with an interest in economics! Whether you are thinking of signing up for your first economics class or are a senior economics major… this is for you!

Meet people, get help with homework, ask questions, learn more about the major/econ classes, or just chat! We are a great resource if you have any economics-related questions. Also, be sure to stop by to enjoy some snacks!

2023-2024 WE+ Leadership Team


WE+ Mentorship Program

The WE+ Mentorship program is a great way to meet other women and non-binary individuals with an interest in economics! It is a wonderful, low-commitment way to connect underclass and upperclass students interested in economics. The WE+ leadership team pairs mentors and mentees based on their interests and what they’d like to get out of the program. Mentors/mentees meet as often or as little as they like throughout the year.


1. Things you can talk about with your mentor/mentee: econ classes at Carleton, experience being a woman or nonbinary individual in econ, internships, econ career paths, econ research, econ profs, information about the department 

2. Ways to connect with your mentor/mentee: communicate via email or text messages, meet up in-person, socially distanced (or zoom if you’re more comfortable with that), grab meals, attend department-sponsored events with each other 

3. How often to connect with your mentor/mentee: we suggest 2-4 times per term 

  • Once during 2nd week for the department-sponsored meet-up meal.
  • Again before course registration (if desired) to talk about course planning.
  • Departmental event(s) (if desired)
  • Finally, during 9th week, to talk about wrapping up the term, preparing for finals, and getting ready for next term.
Questions about the WE+ student group and/or the mentorship program? Contact the current leadership team: Tehmi Bozicevich, Noorah Aldaghlas, Mary Frances Hose, Amelia Asfaw, Surina Arora or Miriam Chasnov.