Interview with Visiting Professor Denise Hare

21 October 2021

By Student Department Advisor Delina Haileab

Professor Denise Hare is the SIT Investment Visiting Professor of Asian Policy in the Economics Department at Carleton College for fall term 2021. Denise is teaching both an A&I course on revolution and reform in Chinese agriculture as well as an elective course on market development and policy reform in China. Denise teaches in the Economics department at Reed College and is also a Carleton alum (‘83)!

Denise knew she wanted to major in economics as soon as she came to Carleton and was initially on a pre-law track. She eventually grew more towards academia and was attracted by the ability to have freedom of thought and more agency over what it is she got to do on a daily basis. Denise attended graduate school at Stanford University and it was here where she began to specialize in China. Denise has been to China several times throughout her career and in various capacities, including but not limited to as a student, fellow, and consultant. Denise constantly strives to master Chinese (Mandarin) and uses the language often.

Denise was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies at The Australian National University from 1995 to 1997. In 2000 and 2001, she held a Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship at Vietnam National University. She was an Institute for International Research Fellow at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center of Nanjing University in 2008. Denise’s research has been funded by the Ford Foundation, the Committee for Scholarly Communication with the People’s Republic of China, and the Pew Foundation. From 2002 to 2015, Denise served as an instructor and research mentor in the Chinese Women Economists’ Network hosted by the China Center for Economic Research at Beijing University.

Denise loves teaching and more specifically, she loves the day-to-today interactions with her students. Developing a camaraderie that deepens throughout the term, seeing her students grow and watching them succeed is something Denise finds rewarding. Denise grew up in the Midwest and has not lived here since ‘83. She is excited to be back and see the seasons change again. On the weekends, Denise loves biking around the farmland and rolling Midwest plains.

Welcome back, Denise!

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