Carleton Students Sweep MEA Paper Contest

2 October 2018

Several Carleton economics students won the 2018 annual MEA Undergraduate Paper Contest.

Senior Thesis

First Place: Avinash Moorthy ’18, “Do Students Benefit from an Extra Year of High School? A Study of Ontario’s Removal of Grade 13”
Advisor: Jenny Bourne

Second Place: David McKinley ’18, “Isolating Discrimination in the Sexual Orientation Wage Gap”
Advisor: Jenny Bourne

Third Place: Victoria Cragg Peterson ’18, “Woman Against Woman?: An Experimental Approach to Single-Gender Competitive Performance”
Advisors: Jonathan Lafky & Jenny Bourne

Term Paper

Third Place: Laura DeMane ’19, “Microfinance and Women’s Empowerment: The Effect of Microfinance on Fertility Rates and Female Workforce Involvement”
Advisor: Muhammad Faress Bhuiyan

Economic Communication

Iris Arbogast ’19, What makes a Successful Social Enterprise?
Advisor: Muhammad Faress Bhuiyan

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