Breaking news – Economics is now officially a STEM field!

29 March 2021

This change has been made in order to more accurately reflect the mathematical nature of the field of economics, which goes to the heart of the economic approach and is reflected in courses across the department at all levels. A more practical implication is to make it possible for international students who major in economics to remain in the United States for two additional years after they graduate. Specifically, if you are an international student who graduates with a major in economics, you may now apply for a 24-month extension on optional practical training (OPT).  Practically speaking, this means that after you graduate, you may remain in the United States for 36 months total under the OPT program. Experience has shown us that this change can make a big difference in your ability to secure employment in the U.S. after graduation. For more information, contact Liz Cody, Director of International Life.

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