Ada M. Harrison Prize in Economics

This prize recognizes each year the outstanding academic achievements of graduating economics majors for coursework and independent study in the field of economics at Carleton. It also publicly honors Professor Ada M. Harrison and is endowed by a fund established in 1979 by her former students, friends, and colleagues at the time of her retirement from 30 years of distinguished service to Carleton.

Class of 2020 Honorees:

  • Adam Bigelow
  • Siang Wongrattanapiboon

Class of 2019 Honorees:

  • Pedro Girardi
  • Fabio da Silva Soares

Class of 2018 Honorees:

  • Avinash Moorthy
  • Laura Rafferty

Class of 2017 Honorees:

  • Eric Tallman
  • Shun “Frank” Yang

Class of 2016 Honorees:

  • Phuong Dinh
  • Emir Murathanoglu
  • Emily Pollard

Class of 2015 Honorees:

  • Matthew Cotter
  • Rachel Schuh
  • Shuchao “Wenth” Wang

Class of 2014 Honorees:

  • David Stillerman
  • Huaiyu Wang

Robert E. Will Economics Prize

This prize is awarded to the senior economics major or majors who demonstrate excellent academic achievement and breadth of intellectual interests in the best tradition of the liberal arts education.

Class of 2020 Honorees:

  • Sharan Ganjam Seshachallam 

Class of 2019 Honorees:

  • Caroline Kralovec-Kirchherr

Class of 2018 Honorees:

  • David McKinley
  • Sarah Waldfogel

Class of 2017 Honoree:

  • Il Shan Ng

Class of 2016 Honoree:

  • Agnes Tse

Class of 2015 Honoree:

  • Devin Tomson-Moylan

Class of 2014 Honorees:

  • Soomin (Edward) Heo
  • Simon Johansen
  • Graham Tierney