Apr 20

Annual Veblen-Clark Lecture

Thu, April 20, 2023 • 4:30pm - 5:30pm (1h) • Weitz 236

"Women, Work, and Families: How the March Toward Gender Equality in the Workforce and at Home was Impacted by the Pandemic"

By Dr. Betsey Stevenson, Professor of Public Policy and Economics, The Ford School, University of Michigan

The period leading up to the pandemic saw women's labor force participation rise with mothers of young children working more than at any other time in history. In the months before the pandemic, women held the majority of jobs in the United States, a position that was quickly vanquished as women lost more jobs than men. The recovery has shaped whether, how much, and in what occupations women work.  It has also impacted childcare, the rhythm of people's lives, and how they blend care work, paid work, and life in general.

The Economics Department's annual Veblen-Clark Lectureship brings an outstanding scholar in economics to Carleton each year for a public lecture and meetings with students and faculty. The lectureship presumes no ideological bias, but celebrates the variety of viewpoints and paradigms demonstrated by Veblen and Clark that have historically enriched the study of economics at Carleton.

Event Contact: Sara Nielsen

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Annual Veblen-Clark Lecture
  • Intended For: General Public, Students, Faculty, Staff, Alums
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