Apr 23

Crickets--It's What's for Dinner: Entrepreneurship and the Environment

Sat, April 23, 2022 • 1:00pm - 4:00pm (3h) • LDC 104 (and LDC kitchens)
Food production raises sustainability challenges. Large animal sources of protein require large volumes of water and produce significant greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, some environmental scientists encourage alternative protein sourcing--from plants and animals like insects that Americans consider taboo.
Come learn more from Professor Tsegaye Nega about environmental issues in protein sourcing. Then students will form teams to develop a strategy for selling Americans on the idea of insect protein. In addition to developing a brand concept, each team will choose a product--cookies, salsa, or muffins--as a vehicle for cricket protein powder. Then it's off to the LDC kitchens to make samples to go along with your marketing material. Participants will do taste testing and then vote on the brand they would most be inclined to buy from. The winning team will go home with some delicious cricket snack products!
Feel free to come with friends you'd like to work with or just on your own.  We'll form teams among those who show up at the event.
Hope to see many of you at this Environmental Studies/Entrepreneurship Earth Day event!
Event Contact: Nathan Grawe
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Crickets--It's What's for Dinner: Entrepreneurship and the Environment
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