Argument and Inquiry (A&I) seminars are designed to provide students with an understanding of the meaning and value of a liberal arts education during their first months at Carleton.

A&I courses explicitly introduce the ways that scholars ask questions, as well as find, use, and evaluate information effectively and ethically in constructing arguments. They give students opportunities for critical reading, thinking, discussion and college-level writing on a variety of topics and are designed to enhance students’ abilities to collaborate effectively with their peers and professors. The requirement that all incoming students take an A&I course during the fall term was part of the new graduation requirements instituted in 2009.

This website provides a rich array of resources for Carleton faculty members teaching, or thinking about teaching, an A&I seminar. Here you will find explanations of the essential elements of the seminars, links to teaching tips and successful assignments, and connections to colleagues and departments throughout the college who are available to help.