Message from the Alumni Council and Alumni Annual Fund Leaders

13 March 2020

Dear Carleton Alumni,

We often talk about the close-knit community of Carleton and the willingness of alumni to help other Carls however we can. During this time of uncertainty, it is no surprise that many of you have reached out to each other, us, and the College seeking ways to help. As you hopefully all read yesterday in the messages from President Poskanzer, all efforts are being undertaken to provide students with the support and resources they need. Information about what is available to students can be found on this ever-evolving FAQ site.

Having been involved with Carleton’s faculty and staff for many years, we want to reiterate the very high degree of faith we have in their ability to handle the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. In many ways, Carleton students and alumni pride ourselves in the strength of our character and our commitment to our community above all else, and that sentiment is equally matched by the staff and faculty. Everyone at Carleton is working very hard to help the entire Carleton community with an emphasis on the students.

There are three distinct ways alumni across the globe can help. Here’s how:

Share information: If you or a classmate wants to learn more about the College’s response to COVID-19, follow the real-time updates posted online here. The College is actively following updates from the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. For more information about keeping you and your family safe, we recommend them as trusted sources.  

Carleton Cupboard: For students who have no other options and will be staying on campus during the spring break and the beginning of the spring trimester, meals will be provided. Additionally, the Carleton Cupboard food closet will also be available and direct donations to the Cupboard or gifts through an Amazon wishlist is another way to support these students on campus.

Give to the Alumni Annual Fund: The College is committed to supporting students who need additional resources to navigate this challenging period, including help with travel, on-campus housing, and food. The Alumni Annual Fund provides direct support to the College’s budget to help make this happen. Because it is unclear what the impact on the College will be long-term, the flexibility of unrestricted gifts to the Alumni Annual Fund is tremendously important. You can make a gift online at or by calling 800-745-2275.

Now more than ever we are reminded that we are forever a part of this community. As alumni, we can come together to help students and the College persevere and thrive during this period of uncertainty.


Derek Fried ‘93, P’23, ‘23, Alumni Council President
Karen Schilling ‘78, Alumni Annual Fund Board Chair