End-of-Term Message to Faculty and Staff on COVID-19

18 March 2020

Dear Faculty and Staff,

We write to share an update about what you can expect to experience on campus for the next several weeks. The majority of our students have left Northfield and have gone on to spend an extended spring break with their loved ones as we all prepare to begin the next term online. 

Remaining on campus are 260 students who will call Carleton home for Spring Break and Spring Term. True to our goal of limiting the number of people on campus, those students are expected to remain on campus or in the immediate Northfield community, not bring any visitors to Carleton, and practice social distancing, as well as self-quarantine and self-isolation, as necessary. 

We are committed to taking care of our community in the weeks ahead, while making changes to our services and facilities in a shared effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Among the recent changes we’ve made for spring break (through April 5) are:

  • The Rec Center will be closed as of 12 p.m. Wednesday, March 18.
  • Gould Library will be closed as of Thursday, March 19. Library staff will continue to provide support to students and faculty remotely.
  • All campus buildings will be locked and accessible only by OneCard, limiting our campus presence to faculty, staff, and students who have been permitted to stay. 
  • Dining hours will be limited in Sayles Cafe and Burton Dining Hall. Other dining spaces are closed.

We recognize that decisions are being made across the College at a rapid pace, including in your own departments. We will continue to post information related to these decisions in the form of frequently-asked questions on the College’s COVID-19 website. Please consider this site a central resource.

Finally, we want to emphasize some of the important information on the COVID-19 website as it relates to faculty and staff:

  • All supervisors are encouraged to permit their employees to work remotely as much as their jobs allow.
  • During this time of statewide school closures, you may work remotely while caring for your children. 
  • Regular, benefits-eligible employees will not lose pay or accrued leave time for any absence related to a COVID-19 quarantine or illness.

In gratitude for your patience, flexibility, and commitment to protecting and supporting our community,

Bev Nagel
Dean of the College

Fred Rogers
Vice President and Treasurer