Step One

Students who require accommodations must identify themselves in a timely manner. If this is the first time the student has requested accommodations at Carleton (including housing/meal requests), they should submit a First Time Accommodation Request. If this is not the first accommodation request, the student should submit a Supplemental Accommodation Request. Documentation related to the area of concern should be provided by a qualified, licensed professional. Provider documentation should describe how the disability limits the student’s participation in courses, programs, services, or facilities of the college. Students are encouraged to contact the disability services staff as early as possible when considering academic accommodations and to provide documentation to the disability services staff to review.

Step Two

Disability Services for Students and the student will discuss the interaction between the disability and the academic environment to determine an appropriate and reasonable accommodation. Consultation with faculty, staff, and outside professionals regarding essential elements, requirements or fundamental nature as those issues relate to reasonable accommodations will occur as necessary. Disability Services for Students will share disability related documents with college personnel only on a limited and need-to-know basis

Step Three

Once possible accommodations (and essential elements, requirements, or fundamental nature) have been identified, Disability Services for Students will determine whether a reasonable accommodation can be provided that does not either

  1. fundamentally alter essential elements, requirements, or the nature of the course, program, service, or facility in question; or
  2. create an undue burden for the College.

If providing the accommodation would result in either (1) or (2) above, the accommodation need not be provided. Further, the College is not obligated to provide a particular accommodation, whether or not requested or sought by the student.

Step Four

Assuming appropriate documentation has been provided and the accommodation will not alter essential elements or requirements, or create an undue burden, a letter of academic accommodation will be written by Disability Services for Students. This letter will be used to notify faculty and other College offices as needed.

Step Five

Disability Services for Students requests that all students who qualify for academic accommodations meet with the Disability Services staff at the beginning of each term to review their accommodations and review procedures that pertain to Disability Services.