Photo of Yaron Klein

Yaron Klein

Associate Professor of Arabic, Middle Eastern Languages
Senior Lecturer in Oud

Education & Professional History

Tel Aviv University, BA; Harvard University, AM, PhD

My research interests lie at the intersection of literature and music. I have published articles on the discourse on music in premodern philosophical and Islamic writings, among others, in the writings of al-Fārābī and al-Ghazālī, and on ʿAbbāsid court poetry.

At Carleton, I teach in the Department of Middle Eastern Language, where I offer Arabic language courses from elementary to advanced, and a variety of courses on Classical (Premodern) Arabic literature, and contemporary Arab music. I also teach oud in the music department.

At Carleton since 2009.

Highlights & Recent Activity

“Percussion Instruments in Samāʿ Literature: al-Udfuwī’s Kitāb al-imtāʿ bi-aḥkām al-samāʿ“, Paper presented at the Musical Sources and Theories from Ancient Greece to the Ottoman Period International conference, Bochum, Germany, 10-12 June 2021 (held remote)

Current Courses

  • Spring 2023
    ARBC 222: Music in the Middle East
    ARBC 223: Arab Music Workshop
    ARBC 315: Readings in Premodern Arabic Anthologies
    MUSC 172: Oud
    MUSC 172J: Oud (Juried)
    MUSC 272: Oud
    MUSC 272J: Oud (Juried)