Photo of Matt Rand

Matt Rand

Professor of Biology, Biology

Education & Professional History

Oregon State University, BS; Wichita State University, MS; University of Colorado, PhD

Matt Rand, a vertebrate reproductive biologist, studies the hormonal mediation and function of sexually dimorphic traits. Currently he is looking at the role of genes in determining pigment differences in Sceloporus lizards. He teaches Animal Physiology, Vertebrate Morphology, a seminar on Behavioral Genetics, part of Introductory Biology, and a non-majors course that explores the biological basis of reproduction and sexuality in Humans.

At Carleton since 1995.

Current Courses

  • Fall 2023
    BIOL 242: Vertebrate Morphology
    BIOL 243: Vertebrate Morphology Laboratory
    BIOL 399: Critical Reading and Analysis of Primary Literature
  • Winter 2024
    BIOL 101: Human Reproduction and Sexuality
    BIOL 126: Energy Flow in Biological Systems and Lab
    BIOL 394: Biology Research
  • Spring 2024
    BIOL 394: Biology Research