Photo of Marit Lysne

Marit Lysne

Director of Student Health and Counseling, Student Health and Counseling

I have been working at Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) since 2000, first as a therapist, then as the Coordinator of Counseling Services, and as the Director since 2010. I am a licensed clinical psychologist with interest in the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and helping students explore their identity development in the areas of interpersonal relationships, race/ethnicity, sexuality, and gender. Administratively, I manage the integrated services of Counseling, Medical, and Psychiatry, which allows for SHAC to care for Carls in a holistic, multidisciplinary fashion. Before coming to Carleton, I worked and trained in larger hospital-based systems including Mayo Clinic, Hennepin County Medical Center (Dept of Neuropsychology), and the St. Cloud Hospital.

I live in South Minneapolis with my spouse and two high school-aged children. Although I tolerate winter as a native Minnesotan, I thrive in the summer, enjoying time in nature, weekends at the cabin, lots of sunshine, any activity on or around water, and relaxed, joyful time with my family.

At Carleton since 2000.