Photo of Mitchell Campbell

Mitchell Campbell ’14

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology, Psychology

I’m Mitchell Campbell, a social psychologist working in the fields of intervention science and intergroup relations. I study how we can use modern behavioral science approaches to reduce discriminatory and increase inclusive behavior. I adopt a social marketing approach to developing pro-diversity interventions, which I then test in randomized control trials in natural settings. I emphasize collecting compelling indicators of intervention effectiveness, such as actual behaviors or downstream effects on individuals with marginalized identities. You can read more about my work on my website.

In addition to teaching at Carleton, I do some work for a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm applying my skills to make their work more effective and impactful. After graduating from undergrad, I took a year off and worked a variety of odd jobs in the Twin Cities while applying to grad school. While pursuing my PhD at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, I conducted the research described above and taught graduate statistics, human sexuality, and senior seminar courses in behavioral science. Outside of work, you’ll often find me outside (cross-country skiing, running, mountain biking, backpacking, paddling, camping, working in my garden) or baking.

At Carleton since 2021.