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Julia Strand

Associate Professor of Psychology, Psychology

Education & Professional History

Tufts University, BA; Washington University, MA, PhD

Julia Strand is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Carleton College.  She holds a B.A. in Psychology & English from Tufts University, an M.A. and PhD. from Washington University in St. Louis, program Brain, Behavior, & Cognition, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Laboratory of Sensory Neuroscience and Neuroengineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.

Open Science

Some of Julia’s other interests include open science, meta-science, R, methodology, measurement, and transparency in research. She serves as an Associate Editor at Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science and is on the programming committee for the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science. Datasets, stimulus materials, code, and teaching materials are available on her Open Science Framework Page.

Outreach and beyond

At Carleton since 2011.

Highlights & Recent Activity

Recent external grants:

  • NIH AREA grant 1R15DC018114-01, 9/1/2019-8/31/2022, “Evaluating the listening effort associated with audiovisual speech,” $404,634.00
  • Association for the Advancement of Liberal Arts Colleges support for a workshop on “Teaching and Employing Open Science Practices at Small Liberal Arts Colleges,” to be conducted 08/2022, $17,000

Current Courses

  • Fall 2021
    PSYC 300: Special Topics in Psychological Research
    PSYC 399: Capstone Seminar
  • Winter 2022
    PSYC 110: Principles of Psychology
    PSYC 300: Special Topics in Psychological Research
    PSYC 400: Integrative Exercise
  • Spring 2022
    PSYC 220: Sensation and Perception
    PSYC 221: Laboratory Research Methods in Sensation and Perception
Photo of Julia Strand



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