Photo of Jordan Rogers

Jordan Rogers

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics, Classics

Education & Professional History

Indiana University, BA, MA; University of Pennsylvania, PhD

I am a social and cultural historian of the ancient Mediterranean world, with a particular interest in community formation during the Roman Republic. My work has focused especially on the impacts of urbanization on communal dynamics and self-expression within Rome, on developing notions of ‘neighborliness’ within urban contexts, on cultural memory and the (re)presentation of collective pasts, and the social and cultural consequences of Rome’s economic development.


At Carleton since 2021.

Highlights & Recent Activity

Co-Organizer of 2021 Ranieri Colloquium at NYU, “Work/Life: Institutions, Subjectivities, and Human Resources in the Roman World,” Oct 13-15.

Colloquium Participant, “Boundaries and Liminality in Roman Material Culture,” AIA 2022.

Organizations & Scholarly Affiliations

Society for Classical Studies; Archaeological Institute of America; Classical Association of the Middle West and South; American Historical Association

Current Courses

  • Fall 2021
    CLAS 229: Warlords and the Collapse of the Roman Republic
    LATN 236: Plautus and Roman Comedy
  • Winter 2022
    GRK 101: Elementary Greek
    GRK 204: Intermediate Greek Prose and Poetry
  • Spring 2022
    CLAS 227: Athens, Sparta, Persia and the Battle for Greece
    LATN 103: Introduction to Latin Prose and Poetry
  • Fall 2022
    CLAS 220: From the Horn to Melqart’s Pillars: African Perspectives in the Ancient Mediterranean
    GRK 103: Greek Prose
  • Winter 2023
    GRK 101: Elementary Greek
    LATN 255: Biography, History, and Empire in Tacitus’ Agricola
  • Spring 2023
    GRK 240: Xenophon's Oeconomicus
    LATN 103: Introduction to Latin Prose and Poetry