Photo of John Berini

John Berini

Postdoctoral Fellow in Ecology and Evolution, Biology

Education & Professional History

University of Minnesota, BSc; University of Michigan, MSc; University of Minnesota, PhD

John Berini is a landscape ecologist interested in how environmental variability influences the interactions that organisms have with other members of their ecological community, and how these interactions influence organismal behavior and demographics. His current work involves looking at how landscape heterogeneity influences spatially explicit host-parasite interactions in threespine stickleback and common loons and how feeding and movement behavior in moose during summer influences probability of overwinter survival.

At Carleton since 2019.

Highlights & Recent Activity

Currently looking for research students (Hund Lab) for Spring/Summer 2024: apply here, applications will be open until February 12th, 2024.

Organizations & Scholarly Affiliations

International Association for Landscape Ecology

Ecological Society of America

American Society of Mammalogists

The Wildlife Society

Current Courses

  • Fall 2023
    BIOL 394: Biology Research
  • Winter 2024
    BIOL 126: Energy Flow in Biological Systems and Lab
  • Spring 2024
    BIOL 394: Biology Research
    ENTS 120: Introduction to Geospatial Analysis & Lab