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Gary Wagenbach

Winifred and Atherton Bean Professor of Biology, Science, Technology, and Society, Emeritus, Biology

Education & Professional History

Carleton College                        Coral Reef Ecology in Australia – February/March 2016

Carleton College                        Director – Conservation Program – Tanzania-January/February 2011

Coe College                               Aquatic Biology – Wilderness Field Station – Ely, MN – July 2008

University of Dar es Salaam Director –ACM program in Tanzania-2002

Carleton College                        Biology Department 1969 – 2008

Carleton College                        Professor Emeritus 2008 to present

Carleton – administration           Biology Department Chairman; Director – ENTS 2004-2008

University of Washington           Department of Oceanography, Visiting Professor, Spring-Summer 1990.

ACM – Chicago                         Associated Colleges of the Midwest, Wilderness Field Station, summers 1995-96

Stanford University                    Hopkins Marine Station. Visiting Professor, Spring 1980

Bermuda                                   Marine Biology at Bermuda Biological Station (Summer 1975)

Highlights & Recent Activity

2010 Lumbini Academy, Yangon, Myanmar – teacher professional development – BK Kee Foundation, San Francisco
2013 Lumbini Academy, Yangon, Myanmar – teacher professional development – Carleton College/Sloan Foundation
2015 Carleton College – 3 Burmese teachers – teacher professional development – M. A. Bradley Fund

Organizations & Scholarly Affiliations

National Science Teaching Association; member

Training and K-12 curriculum development, Lumbini Academy, Yangon, Myanmar:2009- 2020


Photo of Gary Wagenbach


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