Photo of Carol Donelan

Carol Donelan

Professor of Cinema and Media Studies, Cinema and Media Studies

Education & Professional History

Iowa State University, BS; University of Iowa, MA; University of Massachusetts (Amherst), PhD

At Carleton since 1999.

Highlights & Recent Activity

“Traumatic History and the Prosthesis of Myth in The Best Years of Our Lives” in John M. Price (ed), Refocus: The Films of William Wyler (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2023).

“Diagnosing Mental and Moral Disability in Post 9/11 Popular American Film Narrative” in Whitney Hardin and Julia Kiernan (eds), Adaptations of Mental and Cognitive Disability in Popular Media (New York: Lexington Books, 2022).

“Seeing and Touching the Bodies of Others: Evolving the Male Animal toward Secular Moral Enlightenment in the Planet of the Apes Reboot Franchise” in Terence McSweeney and Stuart Joy (eds), Contemporary American Science Fiction Film (London: Routledge, 2022).

“Kubrick’s Gangster Artistry: Contradiction and Hybridity in The Killing” in  Elsa Colombani (ed), A Critical Companion to Stanley Kubrick (New York: Lexington Books, 2020).

“‘She’s the King of the World!’ Modernizing Melodrama in Titanic” in Adam Barkman and Antonio Sanna (eds), A Critical Companion to James Cameron (New York: Lexington Books, 2019).

Co-editor, Special Issue on Historical Film and Television, Gender & History 30.3 (October 2018).

Co-author, “Epistemology and Mediation in Historical Film and Television: How the Gendered Past is Constructed in Knowledge and Representation,” Gender & History 30.3 (October 2018).

“‘Too Marvelous For Words’: Bogart and Bacall’s Dark Passage through Myth to the Enlightenment of Modernized Melodrama,” Film Criticism 42.1 (March 2018).

“‘Sing Me a Song of a Lass That is Gone’: Myth and Meaning in the Starz Original Series Outlander,” Quarterly Review of Film & Video 35.1 (2018).

“Film Lecturing for the National Audubon Society: Roger Tory Peterson’s Wild America,” The Moving Image 17.1 (2017).

“Audubon Screen Tours: The National Audubon Society and the Making of a 16mm Network,” Film History: An International Journal 28.1 (2016).

“Vampires Suck! Twihards Rule!!! Myth and Meaning in the Twilight Saga Franchise, Quarterly Review of Film & Video 32.3 (2015).

Current Courses

  • Fall 2023
    CAMS 100: American Film Genres
    CAMS 110: Introduction to Cinema and Media Studies
  • Winter 2024
    CAMS 110: Introduction to Cinema and Media Studies
    CAMS 186: Film Genres
  • Spring 2024
    CAMS 225: Film Noir: The Dark Side of the American Dream
  • Fall 2024
    CAMS 210: Film History I
    CAMS 330: Cinema Studies Seminar
  • Spring 2025
    CAMS 110: Introduction to Cinema and Media Studies
    CAMS 186: Film Genres