Photo of Ailya Vajid

Ailya Vajid

Associate Chaplain for Muslim and Interfaith Life, Chaplain's Office

Ailya Vajid serves the Carleton community as Associate Chaplain for Muslim and Interfaith Life. In this role, she supports the religious, spiritual, and broader meaning making and life journeys of the Muslim, multifaith, and wider campus communities through pastoral counseling, educational offerings, worship, advocacy, and circles of connection and dialogue. Ailya is committed to connecting to the depths of our humanity and to witnessing this Divine presence in each person as we engage across difference and through the challenges we face in our world. In her work, Ailya seeks to promote open, honest dialogue towards understanding and change. She is also committed to issues of mental health, counseling, and holistic healing. In her spare time, Ailya enjoys spending time in nature, reading sacred and reflective texts, learning about traditional forms of healing, and listening to people’s life stories. Ailya has previously served campus communities in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Virginia, and she holds a BA in Religion and Islamic Studies from Swarthmore College and an MA in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School.