Photo of Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher

Professor of History, History

I am a specialist of colonial western Mexico (sixteenth through eighteenth centuries). I have studied the social and cultural transformations of Cuitlateca, Tepozteca, Nahua, and Pur├ępecha peasant communities along the mid-Balsas River Depression (the so-called tierra caliente of the modern-day state of Guerrero). I am particularly interested in how Hispanic, black, and indigenous migrants were assimilated into these communities through Catholic lay brotherhoods.

I have taught a variety of courses at Carleton with a focus on early-modern and modern Latin American history. Seminar topics include Mesoamerican society and culture, the Spanish Inquisition, the Mexican Revolution, Andean indigenous history, Chile since Allende, Mexico’s Drug War, and U.S.-Latin American relations during the Cold War.

At Carleton since 2003.